Coronavirus: A Message to Current and Prospective Attendees

March 24, 2020: Like you, we're optimistic that worldwide research into effective treatments for COVID-19 (coronavirus) will be successful soon and the need for widespread isolation will be reduced. However, we are preparing for the possibility that health officials will still be advising caution regarding gathering in groups for months to come.
Super Seminar has been offered every year for 37 years, and this year will not be an exception. Whether in person or virtually, we fully intend to deliver our planned education sessions. The health and safety of our Super Seminar attendees will be our highest priority as we evaluate the various options available. 
But we also know that you need to make choices with confidence. That's why we have a risk-free cancellation policy with 100%, full refunds being issued up until May 19, when we will have a confirmed strategy for addressing the situation.

If anything regarding Super Seminar should change, we will post it here and we will notify all registrants and exhibitors through email.

For additional information about COVID-19, visit the CDC at