Registration FAQs


1) What is included in my registration?
Entrance to your choice of education sessions, breakfast and refreshment breaks on all three days, Welcome Reception (day one), Prize Drawing (day two), entrance to the Expo Hall, online access to download/print all 39 session materials prior to the Seminar, as well as all session materials on a USB flash drive, which will be provided onsite.

2) I can't decide which education sessions I want to attend. Can I register without choosing my sessions?
Absolutely!  We understand that choosing the sessions you want to attend now is often difficult because many attendees wish to choose their sessions after they come out of tax season. Once you have made it through tax season you may have identified the areas that you are be weak in, and you want to choose your classes based on that. Additionally, after tax season, you may have identified areas where you wish to expand and you will be looking for education sessions to either gain enough knowledge to make the decision to expand or not, or to start building knowledge to work in that area(s).

3) I already registered and chose the educations sessions that I want to attend but I have since changed my mind and want to make some changes to the sessions I chose. How do I do that?
Making changes to your session schedule is easy! For a step-by-step guide, click here.

4) Can I register for only one day of Super Seminar?
Unfortunately, no. While we have offered this in the past, the number of attendees that took advantage of this service was minimal.

5) Do you offer group discounts?
Yes we do! Please read about the details and call us at 800-777-2732 to register your group.